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Meet the Team

Kosher Southern Comfort

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Our roles, inspirations, and favortie dishes

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Robert Haarburger


A produce executive by day, when nightfall comes, Rob turns into the hero every carnivore deserves. Smoking briskets, turkeys, and more, Rob is the Slicer in our operation. He was inspired by his first hand experience watching southern comfort cooking shows on the Food Network to bring this signature style to the kosher world. Embracing the true diverse nature of his home state, Rob's favorite dish is the melding of shmoke and shmattes, the Texas meets Lower East Side, the smoked pastrami.

Andrew Cohen

Scale Guy

Andrew is an engineer by training, and uses that skill in its most important form - by weighing your packages of delicious meats to the T (bone). He works on nuclear fusion projects, in which they attept to make something really hot for a short amount of time, the exact oppposite of smoking briskets low and slow. He was insired by tinkering with his Weber kettle grill and discovered smoking by accident, like all great inventions. Andrew's favorite dish is Burnt Ends (with or without beans surrounding them), combining the crunchy, barky brisket ends with a sweet sauce.

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Dovid Becker


Dovid is an Industrial Psychologist working for the HR departmert of a major financial company. He tracks the effectiveness of learning and training courses, so you can thank him for the quiz at the end of this section. The freshest member of our team, Dovid blows a lot of hot air working the vacuum sealer to ensure all our products stay perfectly fresh for you. He was inspired to pursue his passion project, KoSoCo, by the wonderous flavors created by his friend Robert Haarburger after purchasing a new smoker, and made it his life's mission to spread the flavor around. Dovid highly reccommends everyone get their hands (and face) on some delicious smoked ribs, but in the pure, sauce free, authentic style.

About Us: Team Members
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